SCI-Chemical, Inc.
Our Cleaning Chemicals are Environment-Friendly!

Bio-Safe ® Products for Metal Working and Maintenance

Acid Cleaner - Liquid
  • A-1500 Acid Scale and Rust Remover
  • A-1510 Acid Scale and Aluminum Etchant

    Iron Phosphates - Liquid
  • A-1580 Versatile Phosphate Accelerator
  • A-1590 Phosphate Accelerator and Ph Down
  • AP-1110 Liquid Multi-Metal Phosphate

    Alkaline Cleaner - Liquid
  • B-2100 Multi-Metal Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • B-2110-M Multi-Metal (Ultrasonic) Cleaner
  • B-2340 Multi-Metal, Non-Silicate, Non-Nitrite Cleaner with Rust Preventive
  • B-2993-C Spinnerette Cleaner
  • B-4890 Citrus (Ultrasonic) Cleaner

    Powdered Cleaners
  • BP-3130 Powder Spray Wash Cleaner
  • BP-1000R Powder - Citrus Alkaline Dip Tank and Spray Washer
  • BP-3210 Powder, Multi-Metal Cleaner
  • BP-3220 Powder, Multi-Metal Cleaner with Rust Preventive
  • BP-623 Powder Spray Washer

    Paint Stripper and Ink Remover - Liquid
  • PS-5100 Paint Stripper and Ink Remover - Creme
  • PS-5110 Paint Stripper and Ink Remover - Liquid
  • PS-5140 Paint and Coating Remover

    Rust Preventive Liquid
  • RP-7440 Non-Nitrite, Water Based
  • RP-7450 Multi-Metal, Water Based

    Fast Drying Wipe Solvent - Liquid
  • S-4150 (106°F, F.P.)

    Defoamer - Liquid
  • D-6110 Non-Silicon

    Quantities can be ordered in a 5 gallon pail or a 55 gallon drum.
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