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Technical Data
Cell MasterTM Liquid

General Description

Cell MasterTM Liquid is a thin alkaline cleaner that does not contain any
chlorinated, fluorinated, acetone or methyl ethyl ketone. Cell MasterTM Liquid
is excellent for cleaning water and solvent based inks off equipment and
floors, etc. Apply by wiping on, brushing or non-atomizing spray. After application,
the surface should be agitated with a soft bristle brush for best results. This product
may also be used in a dip tank application.

Physical properties

Appearance: Thin clear liquid
Odor: Mild
pH(Concentrate): 11.0 - 11.5
Rinsing: Complete
Flash Point: >152°F


Ready to use at room temperature 70°F to 90°F

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Mix 3 parts water to one part CELLMASTER TM
  2. Temperature 140°F
  3. Ultrasonic system 15 to 30 minutes
  4. DipTank & Spraywasher 25 to 60 minutes
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water

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